Automatic, intelligent lead incubation.

Over 80% of your leads are not quite ready to close. Incubator targets your unready leads with personalized content and engagement methods to cultivate them and alert you at the right time.

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Your potential closings are happening without you.

How many of your contacts are going to buy or sell soon? How would you know if they were ready? Use Incubator to automatically cultivate your leads for you and get alerts when those contacts are ready for a transaction.

Discovers ready-to-transact leads

Let Incubator monitor your existing database of contacts, even if they are years old. When someone's behavior indicates they are ready for a transaction, Incubator will automatically notify you so you can reach out.

Import your old, cold & closed contacts

Import your old leads into Incubator from Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, or a compatible CRM. You can decide later how many you want to monitor, from our simple user interface.

Adjustable to your budget

Online tools allow for you to control how many leads are imported and monitored at any given time. Feel free to adjust the flow of leads based on your current capacity and budget.

Smarter than drip campaigns

How do you follow up with cold and old leads? If you're like most companies, you send regular automated emails, and hope a lead clicks on one. With Incubator, you only get involved when the lead is ready.

Pushes into your lead delivery system

Incubator is automatically integrated with Lead Voyager for paced lead delivery with agent-viewable insights. However, you can send discovered leads into whatever system you're currently using with the push of a button.

Built on Brytecore lead intelligence

Incubator is built on the same technology that created Brytelytics, proven over five years and 10 million scored leads. Augmented by third-party data-append services, Incubator provides unprecedented insight into your contacts database.

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