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Usage of Brytecore brand and word marks

We welcome all our customers and partners to use our logos and wordmarks in their marketing. Use this page as a guideline on proper use of our brand elements, and let us know when you publish.

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Our Name

When using the Brytecore name in copy, make sure to capitalize the B, but never capitalize the C. Brytecore is a US C Corporation, and can be written as Brytecore, Inc. within legal documents.


Our Logo

The Brytecore logo is comprised of our lifecycle flower logo and our name. Colors may change based on the background, but only as shown below.

Brytecore logo on light background

Portrait Orientation

Use this logo when your container's height is greater than it's width.

Brytecore portrait logo on light background

Our Pictorial Mark

The Brytecore logo includes a pictorial mark that can be used separately. We call this the Lifecycle Flower, since it based on Brytecore's signature chevrons used when displaying the lifecycle of a real estate deal or transaction.

Brytecore lifecycle flower on light background

Incorrect Usage

Do not change the logo colors, position of the pictorial mark in the logo, or rotate the pictorial mark.

Incorrect flower position
Incorrect flower position
Incorrect colors
Rotated flower

Legacy Logos and Product Names

Brytecore has moved away from using individual product names for features of the platform. Lead Voyager, Brytelytics, Incubator, and Prospector are all still available to legacy customers, but are now considered part of the Brytecore product for new customers.

If you are interested in using a legacy logo, please reach out to us for assistance.

© 2023 Brytecore, Inc. Brytecore™, Brytelytics™, Lead Voyager™, Incubator™, Lead Booster™, Bryte Agent™, the lifecycle flower logo and pictorial mark, and "Find the customer in your lead" are trademarks of Brytecore, Inc. Product features and pricing are subject to change.