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Let your leads' actions tell their stories, with real estate predictive analytics tools from Brytecore.

Lead Intelligence

Lead Intelligence - Lead Booster

Discover deep insights on new leads, including an exact target price, neighborhood of choice and how your leads' searches have evolved over time. Automatically classify leads into personas, such as first-time home buyer, elementary school parent, or investor.

To use Lead Booster, place our snippet of code on your website (or in your app) and track when real estate actions occur.

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Auto Assignment

Auto Assignment - Bryte Team

Capture your team leads from any source, auto-assign to the best agent, and track both agent and source performance.

Integrate with Lead Booster tracking to create deep behavior profiles on new leads and to discover cold leads that are re-engaging with the home purchase process.

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Mobile Delivery

Mobile Delivery - Bryte Agent

Capture your personal leads from any source and delivery it directly to your smartphone. View social media and demographic details on your leads when available.

Show deep details on team or company leads tracked via Lead Booster and capture reporting on the lead lifecycle.

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Brytecore Partner Program

Brytecore Partner Program

Add Brytecore Lead Booster to your real estate IDX website or mobile app, and gain instant insights into visitor behaviors and search activity.

Co-brand or white-label our dashboard to share intelligence with your agent and broker customers.

Or, use our REST API to integrate Brytecore intelligence directly into your products. Query lead personas, price ranges, social profiles, search activity, and much more.

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