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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the authority in real estate consumer online behavior analytics. We are fueled by data and passionate about user experience. We believe our success is measured in the happiness of our customers.

Our Story

Brytecore engineers have been crafting real estate technology in large brokerages for over a decade. We have personally experienced the pain of lead generation and poor lead conversion alongside thousands of agents.

Through analysis of tens of thousands of website visitors, we discovered the behavioral patterns of successful leads. We created profiles of these leads and compared active users, allowing us to pinpoint those who were most engaged.

In 2014, we decided to package our expertise into algorithms based on these profiles and "big data" techniques of machine learning and predictive analytics. This product became Brytecore Lead Booster.

Today, we pass our years of analysis and expertise to you, in the form of the Bryte Agent mobile app and the Bryte Team lead management system. Your leads run through our mathematical formulas to tell you in real-time which potential buyers are most engaged with the home purchase process, and thus ready to work with a real estate professional.

We are excited to offer our revolutionary set of tools to real estate agents and teams all over North America.

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