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Hello from Atlanta!

Since 2016, Brytecore has been helping real estate companies and agents make more money, all the way from down here in the Peach State.

Since you’re here, you are probably interested in learning more about us. Grab a Coca-Cola or maybe a SweetWater, and let’s have a sit-down.

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Our Mission

Transform customer relationships by delivering personalized and timely interactions with real estate companies and their agents.

Built Differently

Brytecore is not your typical proptech company. Founded in 2016 by the 10-year CIO of a 3,000-agent real estate brokerage, Brytecore was built on the idea that personalizing consumer experiences leads to better service and more revenue.

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Our first product Brytelytics was built to target anonymous visitors on your website that were most likely to convert. Our success with Brytelytics led to our next product, Lead Voyager, that delivers those leads to agents, and ensures the agents are servicing them properly.

With those two products alone, our customers experienced 5X closings from internet leads. That runaway success led to our current product line that uses customer behavior to drive marketing and engagement journeys.

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Driven by algorithms trained by leads delivered to actual agents, Brytecore is the only A.I.-powered customer engagement platform in real estate. We proudly service the largest and most sophisticated companies in real estate, and generate more return than any other product in your tech stack.

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