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Brytelytics collects your online user activity, automatically builds real estate profiles for every visitor, both anonymous and registered, and passes the information to your e-team.

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The only cross-platform lead intelligence tool.

Brytelytics is the only tool that combines lead data from all your technology platforms into a single lead intelligence platform. Behavior tracking, lead profiles, lead status, and reports, integrated into your websites, mobile apps, CRMs, and intranet.

Delve deep with lead insights

Discover details on every visitor, both registered and anonymous, like target price, desired features and preferred city. See every listing, search, session and visit, even across devices and time.

Observe lead search behavior evolve over time

With the Brytelytics search history timeline, watch your leads' searches zero in over time. Even includes activity from before the user was registered.

Segment your visitors by engagement

Brytelytics uses behavioral machine learning algorithms to automatically determine which visitors are most likely to perform a real estate transaction.

Discover rising and re-engaged prospects

Get alerts when cold leads heat up, or target unassigned leads when their behavior indicates they are ready to work with an agent.

Watch the action in real time

Observe property searches, listing clicks, photo views, and much more as they happen. Live reports are designed to be shown on large screens, perfect for branch office and lobby areas.

Add lead intelligence into your agent tools

Roll your own lead intelligence into your intranet, CRM or website with the Brytecore REST API. Your existing vendor may already have Brytecore technology installed. Contact us to see what's available to you.

Use Insights to Drive Decisions

Combined Analytics
Lead Insights
Behavior Alerts
Listing Insights

Combine lead data across all your technology.

With Brytelytics, the days of technology silos are over. Brytelytics works natively with many existing website, mobile app and CRM providers, and can be extended to work with your custom websites, apps, intranet, or reporting tools.

Brytelytics tracks every real estate action taken on your public-facing online presences, such as property searches, listing views, showing requests, info requests, mortgage calculations, favorites, and much more.

Roll up prospect, lead, listing, and traffic data by product, service, or your entire company, and view it all in one beautiful dashboard.

Gain unprecedented insight into lead online behavior.

Brytelytics creates real estate profiles on every visitor, both anonymous and registered. Deliver these lead profiles and history to your agents with Lead Voyager, or integrate with your existing lead routing software.

Brytelytics automatically merges leads across platforms, devices, and sessions, so you don't accidentally assign the same lead to different agents.

Receive AI-based alerts when leads are ready to transact.

Brytelytics uses machine learning algorithms to score your visitors based on their online behavior. When a visitor crosses the score threshold and becomes a prospect, Brytelytics will automatically send alerts to the assigned agent via Lead Voyager.

Re-engaging the agent when a lead is ready to transact is the single most important method to increasing your lead conversion rates. Brytecore customers convert over four times more leads than the average brokerage.

View listing activity and match buyers to listings.

Would it be of value to know how popular your listings are, or to discover who's viewed them or saved them? Would you find it useful to see an automatically generated list of buyers whole online behavior suggests they'd be interested in one of your properties?

Built on Brytelytics data, Listing Insights show you all the visitor activity on any listing on your website, combined across all of your sites or mobile apps running Brytelytics.

These are listing reports, all grown up.

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