Intelligent lead management.

Used by companies servicing thousands of leads per month, Lead Voyager makes it simple to automatically assign and route leads based on your needs and business model. Perfect for all sizes - from small teams with hands-off lead assignment to big brokers with inside sales agents.

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Propel your leads through the real estate journey.

How many of your leads disappear once you send them to your agents? Lead Voyager brings transparency and accountability to your inside sales team and real estate agents. Increase agent engagement and follow-up, control how leads are distributed, and ensure your leads get to the "best" agent, not just the "next" agent.

Turns leads into customers

Lead Voyager increases agent engagement and accountability, resulting in more closings from the same lead volume. Brytecore customers convert 4 times the national average.

Captures all your leads in one place

Collect all your leads into a real-time queue governed by your e-team's inside sales agents. Over 100 lead sources are already supported, and new sources are added all the time.

Routes leads your way

Auto-assign and route leads to the best agent, or get granular control with a robust set of configurable rules. Let ISAs manually scrub leads, or automatically push them to your agents within seconds via text and email.

Trusted by the best companies

Brytecore technology is used inside over 350 real estate brokerages across the US and Canada, and a half million leads were delivered to agents through Lead Voyager in 2018.

Integrated with your existing tools

Lead Voyager and Brytelytics are already integrated with many of the most popular broker platforms and CRMs. If your technology solution isn't yet integrated with Brytecore solutions, our REST APIs make it easy.

Backed by Brytecore AI and machine learning

Combine with Brytelytics lead intelligence to get alerts when cold leads heat up, or target unassigned leads when their behavior indicates they are ready to work with an agent.

You now have control over your leads.

Lead Aggregation
Lead Routing
Agent Tools
ISA Tools

Service all your company leads from one unified dashboard.

Lead Voyager collects your leads from everywhere, including your websites, your mobile apps, your franchisor, your syndication partners, and anywhere else that sends leads to your company, and puts them all into a single screen, updated in real-time.

Easily see who sent you leads and which form was used, and automatically merge new inquiries into existing leads, even across lead sources. Audit which lead sources are most successful, from lead responsiveness to lead conversion.

Complex routing rules? No problem.

Some of the largest real estate companies in North America use Lead Voyager to handle their most complicated lead assignment rules, all automatically. Route leads by neighborhood, city, zip code, price range, lead source, and listing type. Control assignment expirations, re-routing, multiple agent assignments, after hours assignments, automatic acceptance, unclaimed leads, and special exceptions, all from a simple user interface.

Keep it simple to increase agent engagement.

Nothing kills agent adoption like a complicated screen. Lead Voyager assumes that agents have better things to do than constantly managing their leads, so the agent tools are super easy.

Everything works perfectly on their mobile phones, the next expected action is always visible, and a single click moves the lead to the next lifecycle phase. Email reminders keep agents informed about the status of their leads, and your company's concierge team can update leads on behalf of your agents at any time.

Give your e-team admins complete control over the lead flow.

Lead Voyager e-team tools give your inside sales managers unprecedented control over how leads are assigned, routed, and tracked. Automatic alerts are sent whenever leads go unmanaged, or when a human needs to get involved with the routing process.

Lead Voyager reports give insights into lead performance, including the tracking of assigned, accepted, expired, declined, reached, working, under contract, closed, and junked leads by company, e-team, office, agent, or lead source.

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