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With Brytecore, harness the power of real estate lead intelligence, predictive analytics, and advanced behavior alerts.

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Your data boldly goes where it's never been before.

Brytecore adds turnkey predictive analytics to your consumer-facing real estate products. With a few lines of JavaScript, you can begin to monitor and predict user actions based on their behavior inside your own tools.

With our REST API, you can gain insights on your leads at any time, perfect for leveling up the lead information you send to agents. You can also discover rising or re-engaged leads via webhooks.

Drop Lead Booster into your existing products.

Our asynchronous JavaScript SDK makes integration simple, with no performance loss.

Query your leads via REST API existing products

Instant access to lead insights, personas, boosted profile, and target features in JSON format. Access to pre-defined reports make complex queries easy.

Boost leads inside your CRM or dashboard.

Instantly upgrade your agent tools with Lead Booster customer intelligence, including search history, lead insights, demographics, and more.

Capture alerts for rising and re-engaged leads.

Find cold leads that are re-engaging, and discover new users that are ready to work with an agent, even if they are anonymous.

Optionally use Lead Voyager routing and delivery

You can use lead voyager to deliver leads to your customers. All the team managemenet tools, auto-routing and lead insights are already built in.

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