Spaces boosts
agent engagement.

Chicago brokerage Spaces Real Estate uses Lead Booster to increase agent engagement by 50% in the first three months.

The High Volume Rental Brokerage

Spaces Real Estate was founded in 2010 and is dedicated to Chicago’s urban neighborhoods. With a focus on residential leasing and sales, Spaces has quickly become one of Chicago’s leading apartment brokers.

The Story

Spaces generates as many as 5,000 internet leads per month, from dozens of online sources. Managing that lead funnel became a nightmare for Director of Marketing Cory Hanlin and his team.

“We were forwarding hundreds of emails to our agents every day, “ said Hanlin. “Leads were getting lost, we were assigning the same lead to multiple agents, and we had no way to track if the leads were being serviced properly.”

When Spaces saw a demo of Lead Booster at Inman Connect in New York, they knew it could solve their problems. “We were impressed with the ability to route leads automatically based on our rules, and how the system would track lead behaviors on our website,” said Spaces Founder, Bentley Phillips. “It could also handle both sides of our business. We handle neighborhood apartment rentals with Spaces Real Estate, and luxury hi-rise leases with our Elevated Spaces team. Lead Booster consolidates all our lead management and reporting in one place.”

“We had no way to track if the leads were being serviced properly.” Cory Hanlin, Director of Marketing

Everything Automated

Spaces receives email inquiries on their listings from Zillow Rental Network,, PadMapper, and many others, included both Spaces websites, and Lead Booster parses the lead information from the email and routes it to up to 10 agents at a time, based on zip code rules established by the Spaces staff.

If the assigned agents don’t accept a lead within 30 minutes, Lead Booster automatically routes the lead to an Agent Unclaimed queue. Any Spaces agent can pick up any lead from this queue, giving every lead multiple chances to get serviced, and allowing agents to farm leads that slipped past the original agents.

“I rarely have to manually route a lead anymore,” said Hanlin. “Our leads automatically flow through Lead Booster to the agents within seconds. The right agents get the leads, and can respond to inquiries immediately. If for some reason the assigned agents can’t get to the lead in a timely manner, other agents can pick it up from the Agent Unclaimed queue. It has really helped us manage our lead volume.”

Immediate Value

Before Lead Booster, Spaces agents managed to reach and engage about 20% of their funneled leads. Problems like missed emails and slow notifications put too much time between the lead’s inquiry and the agent’s response.

Three months after launching Lead Booster, Spaces is now seeing 30% agent engagement, a 50% increase. “This increase trickles down to more appointments, which leads to more applications, and more placed renters,” said Hanlin. “It really moved the needle on our company-side revenue, while at the same time helped us provide better service to our customers and more success for our agents.”

Hanlin calculates the increase has led to an average of over $38,000 in new monthly revenue. “Lead Booster has paid for itself many times over already. We’re looking forward to moving our numbers even higher as we continue to integrate Lead Booster into our other technologies, like our custom CRM, via their API.”

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